OpenAI ChatGPT Certification Bootcamp

You will learn how to teach, install, and monitor chatbots. Accordingly, you can make and install intelligent chatbots.
Duration: 2 Days
Hours: 10 Hours
Training Level: All Training
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About the Course:

SimplivLearning ChatGPT course provides the ultimate in-depth knowledge of ChatGPT OpenAI and builds intelligent chatbots that can understand and respond to natural language. This ChatGPT complete course is designed to help you master the powerful innovative language processing and AI skills.

Boost your ChatGPT OpenAI skills and become an expert with SimplivLearning ChatGPT OpenAI Complete Training Bootcamp. Our complete course covers everything from scratch to the advance of chatbot development and techniques for creating powerful and engaging chatbot experiences. With step- by- step guides and more examples, you will be able to fast and easily make your own effective chatbot start engaging with clients on time. Whether you ’re a beginner or an experienced chatbot developer, this course will teach you to become a chatbot master.

Throughout the course curriculum, you will get practical skills with real- world examples, so you can apply and what you learn and implement on your own projects. Also, you will learn how to teach, install, and monitor chatbots. Accordingly, you can make and install intelligent chatbots.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot that uses natural language processing (NLP) technology developed by OpenAI. It allows people to have human conversations and many more with the chatbot. This technology can answer the questions and help you with tasks like writing emails, essays, and code.

Why to Use ChatGPT in business functions?

ChatGPT helps businesses to automate tasks performed regularly and at an exact time. This gives employee sales, content, and marketing operations automated tasks, so employees can focus on other important tasks and can prevent customers from waiting to receive responses.    

Course Objective:

  • Learn Fundamentals of ChatGPT and OpenAI.
  • Understanding that how Natural Language Processing (NLP) models work.
  • Master how to set up chatbots for different applications by applying ChatGPT.
  • Explore the limitations and capabilities.
  • Experimenting with different paths to fine- tuning and customizing ChatGPT.
  • Master that how to be integrating and installing ChatGPT.
  • Learn how to apply GPT- 3 model.
  • Master that how effectively integrate ChatGPT into your existing web applications.
  • Learn to develop the skills that which are important to create, manage and analyses ChatGPT in Business Applications.
  • Advance your skills that practical understanding of the tools and technologies which are generally used in ChatGPT, suchlike as Python, TensorFlow, and PyTorch.

Who is the Target Audience?

ChatGPT can be applied for a variety of industry applications, suchlike as customer service, entertainment, or education. So, this ChatGPT Certification Bootacamp is ideal for comprehensive customers and teams, following below:

  • Entrepreneurs – Who wants to produce content.
  • AI professional – Who wants to become a master of ChatGPT.
  • Application Developers – Who wants to incorporate ChatGPT into their projects.
  • CEO’s, VPs, and Directors – Who wants to use ChatGPT to lead efficient teams
  • Creators, writers, marketers, and artists – who want to advance their skills with ChatGPT.
  • Anyone and any background - who wants to be able to take advantage of ChatGPT.

Basic Knowledge:

  • Basic knowledge of Python

Total Duration: 10 Hours
Introduction to ChatGPT and OpenAI
Introduction about tools and technologies that which are commonly used in ChatGPT.
Business Use Cases: Build, Optimize, Scale Your Business using ChatGPT.
Developing Business web applications with ChatGPT.
Install and integrating ChatGPT into business applications.
Different GPT Models, Pre-processing and Fine-tuning ChatGPT
Working on GPT-3 and OpenAI API
Creating and Deploying GPT-3 Powered Application.
Create a real-world application with OpenAI and ChatGPT.
ChatGPT - Best Practices, Limitations, and Avenues for Future Development