Jira Testing Software Tool - Test Management using Jira - Xray/Zephyr

Duration: 4 Days
Hours: 16 Hours
Training Level: All Level
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About the Course:

Xray/Zephyr is one of the best add-ons to be used as embedded features of Jira to do Test management. The course covers all minor and major options of test management using Xray/Zephyr. The course is completely driven by hands-on exercises and practice during the session. The course covers all modules including Installation of Add-on, configuring a project, creating Tests, Writing Test cases, Creating Preconditions, Preparing Test Set, Calling a Test, Preparing a Test Execution(From Tests and Test Sets), Executing a Test, Visualizing Reports, Preparing QA Dashboards and Applying filters.

Course Objective:

  • The learners will be able to interact and work with Xray/Zephyr flawlessly for Test Management in Jira. Also, they will be able to use features like Test Creation, Test Cases Management, Test executions, Parameterizing a Test, and Preparing reports and dashboards.

Who is the Target Audience?

  • This course is specially designed for QA professionals but is not limited to them. Developers, Scrum Masters, Project Managers, and Product Owners are welcome too.

Basic Knowledge:

  • Participants should have basic knowledge of Jira as a prerequisite for this course.

Total Duration: 16 Hours
Register for JIRA
Zephyr Installation
Example Scenario
Release & Components in JIRA
Create Epic Stories/Requirements using Zephyr
Create Test Cases
Importing Test cases from Excel file
Bulk Editing Test Cases
Creating Test Cycles
Test Execution & Defects
Defect workflow & Finish Execution
Generate RTM
Using Filter for Test Assets
Preparing Reports and Dashboards

  • Quick Introduction to Jira  
  • Introduction to Xray Tool  
  • Configuring Xray in Jira  
  • Setting up a Project  
  • Getting started with Xray  

Manage all your Tests as Jira issues

  • Manage manual and automated tests as Jira issues, and customize screens, fields, and workflows.  
  • Specify tests in cucumber language and integrate with test automation frameworks.  
  • Organize tests in folders and test sets.  

Plan, Execute, and Integrate

  • Create test plans for tracking a set of tests and planned or ad hoc test executions.  
  • Execute tests on different environments and consolidate results.  
  • Use your CI tool to report test results using the included REST API.  

Reports and Requirement Coverage

  • View the test coverage of requirements with interactive charts.  
  • Analyze the status of test entities by Version, Test Plan, and Execution Environment.  

Enterprise Test Management

  • Uses Jira-native issues, custom fields, screens & workflows  
  • Full Traceability between requirements, tests, defects, executions  


  • Use Test Plans to track progress  
  • Organize Tests in folders and Test Sets  
  • Define reusable Preconditions and associate them with Tests  
  • Analyze test results and requirement coverage per Test Environment