Beginning to Intermediate Adobe InDesign - Essential Adobe InDesign Skills

Adobe InDesign allows you to create easy complex multi-page documents like as a flyers, brochures, books and magazines.
Duration: 2 Days
Hours: 12 Hours
Training Level: All Level
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About Adobe InDesign Essential Training:

If you’ve tried to make a document in InDesign and just don’t know where to start, this class is for you! InDesign is a page layout program to bring together text, photos, logos, and other objects to create a brochure, flyer, business card, catalog or other printed or interactive documents.

Adobe InDesign Essential Training Objective:

Get familiar with the InDesign interface and create a multipage document. Learn to place text and graphics. Format text and photos. Use Styles and Parent pages. Export the document to popular formats.

Who is the Adobe InDesign Essential Training Target Audience?

  • Beginning InDesign users. No experience necessary, but even if you’ve created a few documents in InDesign, you’ll come away from this class with new tips, shortcuts, and explanations of not only HOW to do something in InDesign, but WHY it works the way it does. 

What Basic Knowledge Required to Learn What Basic Knowledge Required to Learn?

  • Computer skills, using a mouse, some Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, or other layout program is helpful.

Total Duration: 12 Hours

  • Get familiar with InDesign menus, tools, panels, and workspaces  
  • Save a workspace for later use  
  • Create a New Document  

Explore a finished document

  • Learn about non-printing items, guides, margins, page edges, pasteboard, and hidden characters.  
  • Zoom in and out of a document  
  • Navigate around a document  

Multiple page documents in InDesign

  • Move from one page to another, rearrange pages  
  • Add new pages using the pages panel  
  • Add a page number on a Parent page to repeat on all pages  

Text Frames

  • Create text frames – Type text  
  • Place text, auto create frames  
  • Thread Text frames, learn the handles to resize and in/out ports to thread  
  • Typing custom characters  

Graphic Frames

  • Create and place photos and graphics into frames  
  • Fill and stroke frames with color  


  • Use the default colors  
  • Customize colors, mix and save new colors  
  • Apply colors to text, objects and lines  
  • Load colors from other documents  

Format text

  • Character Formats: Font, bold, italic, color, size, caps, etc.  
  • Paragraph Formats: Align, indent, spacing etc.  
  • Use the eyedropper to copy formatting  

Format and customize graphics

  • Place photos, resize, crop photos, rotate and delete  
  • Learn to resize manually and with the control panel and shortcut keys  
  • Intro to special effects with photos - transparency, drop shadows, borders  
  • Text wrap around photos  

Work with objects

  • Group, ungroup  
  • Arrange, bring to front and send to back  
  • Stacking order on Layers  
  • Text Frame Options  

Styles in InDesign

  • Why you should be using Paragraph and Character Styles in InDesign  
  • Paragraph Styles: create, apply, edit for global changes in your document  
  • Character Styles: when to use character vs. paragraph styles  
  • Paragraph formatting, tricks tips and cool effects  
  • Re-use Styles in another document  

Save and Export InDesign documents

  • Save, Export and Package an InDesign file  
  • Export to PDF and JPG