Adobe After Effects Ultimate Guide

An all-encompassing course covering everything you need to know about Adobe After Effects.
Duration: 1 Day
Hours: 4 Hours
Training Level: All Level
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About the Course:

This comprehensive course offers a thorough exploration of Adobe After Effects. Participants will learn from basics to advanced techniques, making it the ultimate guide to mastering this powerful visual effects and motion graphics software.

Course Objective:

  • Understand and navigate the After Effects interface
  • Understand Layers, Compositions, Animations, and Effects
  • Customize a motion graphic template
  • Use Lights, Cameras, Animation Presets
  • Export completed projects in appropriate formats

Who is the Target Audience?

  • Video Editors, Motion Graphics Designers, Animators, and Multimedia Enthusiasts.

Basic Knowledge:

  • Basic Computer Skills Mac/PC and basic knowledge of video editing.

Total Duration: 4 Hours
Understanding and navigating the After Effects interface

  • Customizing workspace managing panels, understanding toolbars  

Understanding layers

  • Managing layers, layer properties, blending modes  

Understanding compositions

  • Creating compositions, composition settings, using the timeline  

Understanding animations

  • Keyframing, easing, motion paths  

Understanding effects

  • Applying effects, effect settings, adjustment layers  

Customizing a motion graphic template

  • Using pre-built templates, modifying templates, creating custom templates  

Using lights

  • Types of lights, light settings, light effects, using cameras: camera types, camera settings, camera movement  

Using animation presets

  • Applying presets, modifying presets, creating custom presets  

Exporting completed projects in appropriate formats

  • Render settings, output modules, file formats